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Our great state is long past due in celebrating this special group of Oklahomans. These warriors are patriots deserving of recognition and should be considered a source of pride to all Oklahomans. Native Americans have served in every major military conflict since the Revolutionary War. In the 20th century, more than 12,000 Native Americans served in World War I, and 10,000 Native women joined the Red Cross. During World War II, over 44,000 Native Americans served, including nearly 800 women.


Since 9/11, Native Americans have served at a higher per-capita rate than any other ethnic group. While their reasons for serving are as diverse as their tribal affiliations, many cite their desire to follow in the footsteps of family members and the cultural value placed on patriotism, duty, and Warrior traditions.


Join us for the Governor George Nigh Lifetime Achievement Award presentation and a live performance from the Philharmonic honoring Native American Composers at the Riverwind Showplace Theater in Norman, Oklahoma. Your ticket purchase will help support the Native American Warrior Project.

Riverwind Casino – Showplace Theater
Friday, November 22, 2024
– 7:00 PM Award Presentation
– 8:00 PM Concert Begins

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    We humbly present a vision to establish a partnership between Oklahoma Tribal Nations, the Oklahoma Business Community and the Force 50 Foundation which is committed to dedicating a permanent monument of the grounds of the state capitol honoring the courage and sacrifice of the Oklahoma Native American Warrior.

    Develop and publish a commemorative book honoring Native American warriors including submissions from all 39 Oklahoma Tribal Nations

    Conduct a series of special events in November of 2024 and beyond celebrating Native American veterans.

Leave a Legacy for Generations

Be remembered forever! This legacy project is the first of its kind and presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the Force 50 Foundation in saluting Warriors from all thirty-nine tribal nations in Oklahoma. Your tax-deductible donation will make this Project a reality. Become a part of history by becoming a member of the WARRIOR BRIGADE!

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Advisory Members

These advisory members will have direct input and involvement with all project items, activities and events. In addition, these advisors will provide guidance on all aspects of Native American culture, traditions, historical accuracy and contributions. The committee is currently in the process of inviting representatives of all 39 Tribal Nations to participate in all aspects of this project and to serve as advisory members.

  • Coach Barry Switzer

    , Honorary Chairman
  • The Honorable George Nigh, Governor of Oklahoma (1979-1986)

    , Special Advisor
  • THE HONORABLE BILL ANOATUBBY, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation

    , Special Advisor
  • Debbie Lindsey

    , Co-Chairperson
  • Nathan Hart

    , Co-Chairperson
  • Pete Reed

    , Project Coordinator
  • Rich Hess

    , Chairman Force 50 Foundation
  • Rita Aragon, MG (ret)

    , Former Cabinet Secretary of Military and Veterans Affairs
  • Todd Wade

    , Event Coordinator
  • Joe Mathis

    , Event Coordinator
  • Scott Mitchell

    , Media Advisor
  • State Representative Josh West

    , House Legislative Advisor
  • Brent Hart

    , Executive Director Oklahoma City Philharmonic
  • Amber Sharples

    , Monument Advisor
  • Mark Woommavovah

    , Past Chairman Comanche Nation
  • Collin Walke

    , Legal Advisor
  • Karen Vahlberg

    , Project Advisor
  • Senator Shane Jett

    , Senate Legislative Advisor
  • Ashley Howard

    , Marketing and Communications Advisor
  • HB4012 AN ACT

    An Act relating to the Oklahoma Capitol Improvement Authority; providing for allocation of funds from the Legacy Capital Financing Fund for purposes of constructing the State Capitol Arch. designating parcel of real property for purposes of construction; authorizing contract for design and construction. This parcel of land will include the Native American Warrior monument and be known as the Oklahoma Veterans Plaza which will be dedicated to every Oklahoma Warrior. READ THE FULL ACT

    A resolution culminating a permanent monument at the State Capitol. READ THE FULL RESOLUTION

    November 23, 2024 proclaimed as Oklahoma Native American Warrior Day. READ THE FULL RESOLUTION